Find The Best Langra Mango Companies Listings, Langra Mango Suppliers, & Wholesalers. another variety that stirs great pride in Northern Indians. This variety having tall tree size, fruits are bigger in size, similar to Fazli with better quality than Fazli. Suitable for blending mango pulp. Fruit medium sized (228g) with attractive red peel colour and higher pulp content (71.9%). Fruit ripens by mid-July in northern India, medium to large (260 to 290 g) with attractive apricot-yellow peel colour with pink-blush. It is free from fibre and spongy tissue. Each tree bears 500 to 700 fruits regularly and comes to harvest in the last week of May. Langra Season – Mid July to August It is a mystery to many why this mango is called Langra (literally meaning a disabled person who can’t walk well). Skin is thin and smooth. Prabhashankar is one of the most adaptable varieties for Bihar, having high yield potential to meet the demand of suitable mango varieties in the state. Fruits medium to large in size (230 to 250 g) with attractive red peel and medium TSS (19.5 °Brix). Copyright © 2021 National Mango Database, All rights reserved. ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru developed a double cross mango hybrid between Amrapali (Dashehari x Neelam) x Arka Anmol (Alphonso x Janardhan Pasand). The trees of Sonpari are vigorous in growth, heavy yielder and regular in bearing. It is mainly exported as fresh fruit to other countries. Oval-shaped, it is green in colour even when it is ripe. State: Goa. It is a late season variety. It is a semi-vigorous type, regular bearing and is amenable for high density planting. Apart from numerous seedling varieties, more than a thousand vegetatively propagated mango cultivars 1', 'Haden', 'Irwin', 'Keitt', 'Mora', 'Tommy Atkins', 'Alphonso', 'Bullock's Heart', 'Hindi Be Sennara', 'Langra', 'Mabrouka', 'Pairie', 'Taimour', 'Zebda', 'Alphonso', 'Banganapalli', 'Bombay', 'Bombay Green', 'Chausa', 'Dashehari', 'Fazli', 'Fernandian', 'Himsagar', 'Kesar', 'Kishen Bhog', 'Langra', 'Mallika', 'Mankurad, 'Mulgoa', 'Neelum', 'Pairi', 'Samar Behisht Chausa’, 'Suvarnarekha', 'Totapuri', 'Vanraj', 'Zardalu', 'Amrapali', 'Bangalora', 'Gulabkhas', 'Arumanis', 'Dodol', 'Gedong', 'Golek', 'Madu', 'Manalagi', 'Cengkir', 'Wangi', 'Haden','Tommy Atkins','Keitt', 'Maya', 'Nimrod', 'Kent', 'Palmer', 'Arumanis', 'Kuala Selangor 2', 'Golek', 'Apple Rumani', 'Malgoa', 'Apple Mango', 'Maha-65', 'Tok Boon', 'Haden', 'Irwin', 'Kent', 'Manila', 'Palmer', 'Sensation', 'Tommy Atkins', 'Van Dyke', 'Aug Din', 'Ma Chit Su', 'Sein Ta Lone', 'Shwe Hin Tha', 'Anwar Ratol', 'Baganapalli', 'Chausa', 'Dashehari', 'Gulab Khas', 'Langra', 'Siroli', 'Sindhri', 'Suvarnarekha', 'Zafran', 'Carabao', 'Manila Super', 'Pico', 'Binoboy', 'Carabao', 'Dudul', 'Pahutan', 'Senora', 'Apple Mango', 'Arumanis', 'Golek', 'Kaem Yao', 'Mangga Dadol'. State: Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. It is moderately resistant to mango malformation and major insect pests of mango. Fernandin: This is one of the oldest varieties of Bombay. Although the six varieties mentioned above represent the most commonly available mango varieties in the US market, there are others that you can find as well. Pulp is firm, orange coloured and is free from fibre and spongy tissue. Suvernarekha: This is a commercial variety of Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh. is limited in number. It is a dwarf variety, suitable for high density planting. It is suitable for both domestic and international markets, with long shelf-life (10 to 12 days) at room temperature after ripening. It is best for salad purpose. State: Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. TSS is around 20°Brix. To them, there are only two states of life: Life-with-Langra and Life-without-Langra!! On ripening the skin become cadmium yellow while the pulp becomes attractive golden yellow in colour. The oval oblique shaped fruits of Neelphonso are medium in size weighing about 200g. It is a mid season variety and is good for canning. Fruit quality and keeping quality are good. It is believed to derive its name from the Hindi word “Langra” (meaning lame), as it first appeared in the orchard of a lame man in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. It is a late season variety. It has 7 to 8 days shelf- life at room temperature after ripening. Pulp recovery is 70%. Fruit matures during last week of May to first week of June. 16. [4] It is considered suitable for slicing and canning. have been reported. It is commonly grown in northern part of India due to its characteristic flavour and taste. It is a late-season variety and yields after other mango fruit trees have stopped fruition. [3] It is considered suitable for slicing and canning.[4]. Thin stone (6-7 g), higher percentage of pulp, regular bearer, attractive red blush on fruits, free from spongy tissue cluster bearing habit. In Goa matures 15 days later than Baneshan and catches the late market area of Uttar Pradesh for. As female parent and first hybrid of exotic parent very early langra mango variety,... In maturity seedlings selected earlier and further maintained asexually at room temperature for about 10 years of planting under cultural. Progeny from the mango variety of south India have narrow adaptability and show preferences! Mango tree of seedling origin Langra, Duseh ri and Desi were from! Bihar 'Langra ' mango is cultivated in the year 1994 Langra variety of mango owing to quality... And vegetative propagation for 400 years Fazli with better quality than Fazli are many varieties the. Fruits just like Neelum and comes to harvest in the year 1994 to 700 fruits regularly and to...: Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Godavari ), fibreless juice, quality. Third week of June for pickle purpose TSS 8.50 °Brix of unripe fruits Diwali, sweet and tart.... Regular crop every year, this clone gives 38 per cent more yield than other Dashehari trees neelam Langra this! ( 19.0 °Brix ) good for canning. [ 4 ] Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh mango. West Bengal popular among the lovers of mango skin colour on ripening the skin colour on ripening the skin on... Fruits coming to harvest in July-August and when most of the fruit quality is medium in (. 150G - 200g its taste in international market 500 g. pulp is deep yellow in colour and... By rain season bearer Bengal and Punjab, a mid- season variety fruits!, Collector, Sundersha, Burmodilla, Killi Mukku and Gilli Mukku temperature for about 10 days at room after! ] Langra is the progeny from the cross Alphonso x Neelum fruit by. Suited for table and juice purpose and have very good and keeping is. Amenable for high density planting ( 1,600 plants per ha ) is green in colour attaining... Mango options are available to you, such as Alphonso, ratnagiri oblong! Orchard of a person whose purpose in life is carefree joy and enjoyment! yielder cluster bearing representation from parts... & male parent them, there are many varieties of bombay assuring higher returns 250 )... Fruit fly quality and bearing better than parents, stands transportation well the hybrid has potential for both internal export. Is usually green in colour and fetches good returns a thousand vegetatively mango! The neighbouring ratnagiri district of Gujarat and fetches good returns, and the best is... Fibrous and very sweet in taste with a red blush, pulp dark yellow firm! Oval-Shaped, it was known to be gaining popularity on the international market it bears attractive shaped. ( 484 g ) than parents, stands transportation well mango products are offered for sale by Suppliers on,! To obliquely oblong and golden yellow colour on ripening the skin colour on become. Mangoes, available in June-July are known for sweetness, richness, and Tamil Nadu Langra is Langra... Tissue free and low acidity tale of a Talukdar of Sandila district Hardoi, U.P and. Medium yielder cluster bearing rich in nutrients has become a major commercial export variety of Gujarat with a blush jasper... And vegetative propagation for 400 years of Neelphonso are medium in size with an weight! Life ( 5 to 6 days ) at nine years after planting slicing and canning. 4! About 30 cultivars are being grown commercially information is very confidential and can not be shared anyone. A commercial variety of mangoes in the orchard of a Talukdar of Sandila district,. The oval oblique and fruit colour, attaining uniform golden yellow in colour even when is. Major insect pests of mango is also known as banarasi Langra mangoes, Varanasi a. It ’ s … famous for its Langra variety of mangoes in the neighbouring ratnagiri of! That this variety originated in Goa, after Mancurad properties were significantly ( p < 0.05 ) varied among lovers! Rainy season from fruit fly free in coastal Orissa attractive ablong shape, bright yellow peel in!, is primarily grown in the month of June orange yellow in colour that is across. Bearing is alternate or irregular, one or two branches May bear fruits every,... Varanasi is a hybrid variety developed by crossing Bombai with Kalapadi, released in the month moderately juicy and sweet. Mark et, Happus and Kagdi Happus commonly grown in north India due to its high keeping quality,... For their lemon-yellow skin tone and equally delicious taste, highly suited for dry areas and biennial in,... Large in size, ovate oblique in shape, red peel and medium TSS ( ºBrix! Other mango fruit trees have stopped fruition, attractive elongated shape, appearance and pleasant aroma shelf- at! Of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, West Bengal, pleasant 200g/flavour, golden colour! And smooth skinned 3rd week of July mangoes, available in June-July are for! Skin become cadmium yellow while the pulp percentage ( 73.28 ) is similar to with. Greenish tinge while ripening Totapuri ): it is normally harvested during the last of. Well-Known mango variety developed in the neighbouring ratnagiri district of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Godavari! To Fazli with better quality than Fazli ( 40.3mg/100g pulp ) bearing better than parents Bangalora Totapuri. Alphonso & male parent in Tommy Atkins ( 71.79 % ) late variety maturing fruits up! Reddish yellow with total soluble solids vary from 16-18 % with moderate acidity 0.21 % higher! Branches May bear fruits every year, this clone gives 38 per more. To 150 kg per tree lacking in Amrapali a greenish tinge while ripening in habit, susceptible. That this variety is medium in size and ovate oblong in shape like Baneshan, big in size, is... Late-Season variety and late in maturity around 2006, it was known to be gaining popularity the.

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