Even though video, photo and forensic evidence has been captured by researchers through the years, nothing short of an actual body of a Sasquatch is likely to convince a highly skeptical public. They all wished for a unanimity and harmony impossible to obtain; and being unable to convince they destroyed one another. You will need to convince funders why they should support you. He submitted his sketches to O'Shaughnessy in 1921 and simultaneously started his own campaign to convince city leaders of the feasibility of building the bridge. They argue heatedly, but neither could, 15. to persuade someone or make someone certain: He managed to convince the jury of his innocence. He tried to convince himself the reason was the burden she carried with her mother's illness, but deep down, he knew that was only partially true. Here we see Mary Magdalene trying hard to convince the incredulous disciples that she has seen the risen Christ. I could not quite convince myself that there was much world left, for I regarded Boston as the beginning and the end of creation. You know you need someone to write a reference letter for you, but how do you convince him or her to do so? The average new or used dealership is finding it hard to convince car buyers an aftermarket warranty is a necessity. They convinced us of their innocence. Convince consumers that rhino horn has no medicinal value whatsoever, he said. Commons that per pounds subcompact cars a rented vehicle probably convince the. Cyber predators who meet young people in Internet chat rooms and convince them to leave home to meet or live with them constitutes a relatively new, but growing, problem. Such superb self-confidence can accomplish much, and it undoubtedly helped to form Fustel's talent and to give to his style that admirable concision which subjugates even when it fails to convince; but a student instinctively distrusts an historian who settles the most controverted problems with such impassioned assurance. He was trying to convince himself of. It would be her duty _not_ to go; but I suppose it will be very difficult for me to convince you of it. "Maybe you can convince him not to fight, and then convince him he's made a poor choice of a mate," she said. When dementia becomes severe, people often hallucinate, develop aggressive tendencies, and convince themselves that they have participated in activities and events that never occurred. Aaron visits Serena and tries to convince her she's the only one for him. A: To convince is to argue with someone in order to make him or her believe that you are right.-> I've convinced you that you would do a great job and so, you did. Maybe she could convince her father to repay the money she had put into the ranch – if he hadn't already spent it. A buyer had to convince himself of the seller's title. None of them had been able to convince her to wait until the estate was settled. That might convince him to reconsider divorce. Our article helps you. Alternately, don't let a quiz convince you to stick with someone who's just not right for you. scepticnd's " Nazareth " will not convince all skeptics. They can be very charming and convince others to do what they want them to very easily. MSNBC reports a crime where a man created a Facebook page under the name of an ex-girlfriend he had raped in order to convince another ex-girlfriend to get back together with him. It's hard to believe today with our computer models and 3D graphics, but it took engineer Joseph Strauss a decade to convince the city's commissioners that his mathematics were sound and that his plan for the bridge was feasible. The more specific you are about the cause, and the more passionate you are about what you are doing, the more likely you are to be able to convince people to give. Come on, I think you've seen enough to convince yourself that I have a valid point when I say it's dangerous to wander in the woods. Long before his death, Bright's references in public speeches to the achievements of the Anti-Corn Law League were received with respectful impatience, and Peel's famous speech on the repeal of the corn laws would not convince the German Reichstag or a modern House of Commons. It was begun by Ugolino Vieri of Siena in 1337, and was made to contain the Holy Corporal from Bolsena, which, according to the legend, became miraculously stained with blood during the celebration of mass to convince a sceptical priest of the truth of the doctrine of transubstantiation. The course of the next reign was destined speedily to convince even Nicholas I. There is nothing innately wrong with creating an avatar that looks nothing like the chatter, unless the person attempts to convince people that this is similar to the actual appearance of the person. To convince the enemy of their menacing strength, the townspeople were ordered to bang drums, blow trumpets and jostle the sightless envoy. Apparently adept at crashing parties, this "13th guest" is able to convince the God of Darkness to shoot the God known as "Balder the Beautiful". Always include details to convince and persuade the other person to grant your request, but don't belabor the point. An illustration is, with the general run of mankind, more powerful to convince than an argument; and the cogency of the visible plea for the Copernican theory offered by the miniature system, then first disclosed to view, was recognizable in the triumph of its advocates as well as in the increased acrimony of its opponents. I told Sam you weren't nearly as black-hearted as you'd tried to convince him you were. Or, go to the definition of convince. I have to convince you; taking it on faith alone isn't enough. Learn the definition of the word "convince" and how to use convince in a sentence. (voters, public) Used with adverbs: " The lawyer successfully convinced the jury that his client was innocent. He unexpectedly gained the accession of many Jews by race who were indifferent to the religious aspect of Judaism, but he quite failed to convince the leaders of Jewish thought, who from first to last remained (with such conspicuous exceptions as Nordau and Zangwill) deaf to his pleading. If you still can't convince your wine snob friends that wine from a box is actually consumable, put it in a decanter before they arrive. The latter observes (p. 203): " the arguments by which Paul tried to convince his opponents of the true meaning of the Old Testament as pointing forward to Christ, are those which they would themselves have employed for another purpose; and to some extent we need not doubt that they were selected for that very reason. For no other reason did the minister for the colonies, Seor Maura, in 1894 fail to convince the Cortes, and even the Liberal party, that his very moderate Cuban Home Rule Bill was an indispensable and wise, though tardy, attempt to avert a conflict which many plain symptoms showed to be imminent in the West Indies. Examples of convince in a Sentence; Examples of convince. Sarah had to convince him not to turn Emily. When to use convince: Convince is a verb that refers to making someone think something is true. When you're pitching ideas for features, you must quickly convince an editor that your proposal has merit. In the early 1900s, women voters used their lobby to convince legislators to outlaw the production, sale and consumption of alcohol. A conspiracy, planned with the object, among others, of kidnapping the emperor while on a visit to Venice and forcing him to make concessions, was postponed in consequence of the coup detat by which Louis Napoleon became emperor of the French (1852); but a chance discovery led to a large number of arrests, and the state trials at Mantua, conducted in the most shamelessly inquisitorial manner, resulted in five death sentences, including that of the priest Tazzoli, and many of imprisonment for long terms. "You drop off some sort of demon in my house, try to convince me I'm either completely crazy or suffering from amnesia, stalk me to this gala, and expect me to tell you where I spend every minute of every day?" weather conditions convince the list last quot we'd come. It was well-nigh impossible for him to, 24. The purpose of this type of business proposal is to help convince potential partners and investors that you have a worthwhile business idea that has the potential to succeed and that they want to get involved with. Maybe she could convince her father to repay the money she had put into the ranch – if he hadn't already spent it. He doubted it to be true - -a queen intent on mating with her equal would say what she needed to in order to convince a slave not to wed her. TO PERSUADE SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING The lawyer convinced the jury of the man's innocence. This makes them feel as though they've made up for their wrongdoing, and may even help them convince themselves they are not a bad person and that they "truly love" the person they cheated on. Every year I come out here and try to convince him to get with the times, but it's to no avail. He might object to you, but I can convince him to take you. 733 more results not shown. When you're sheriff you can contact all the West coast authorities and try and convince them to chase your bones. lithe body movement Coriolanus did not quite convince in his oratory. 2. Because many dogs are used to a little jacket of sorts, any costume that only demands something similar is easy to convince a dog to wear. Use convince in a sentence - Example Sentences for convince The children devised a plan to convince the teacher to cancel the test. "I want you to convince me I'm not crazy," she replied. 41. It took me some time to convince Mr. Hardy you were the best painter in the area for his Cannery Row project. Three years were enough to convince the nation that he was " endeavouring to subvert and extirpate the Protestant religion, and the laws and liberties of this kingdom"; and on his deposition in 1688 Roman Catholics, or persons married to Roman Catholics, were declared incapable of succeeding to the throne. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. She tried hard to convince herself that she was misreading Wynn. Only by watching closely moment by moment the movement of that flow and comparing it with the movement of the ship do we convince ourselves that every bit of it is occasioned by the forward movement of the ship, and that we were led into error by the fact that we ourselves were imperceptibly moving. Convince a family member to drop you off and pick you up at the airport. To the same class belong the treatise To Ablavius, against the tritheists; On Faith, against the Arians; On Common Notions, in explanation of the terms in current employment with regard to the Trinity; Ten Syllogisms, against the Manichaeans; To Theophilus, against the Apollinarians; an Antirrhetic against the same; Against Fate, a disputation with a heathen philosopher; De anima et resurrectione, a dialogue with his dying sister Macrina; and the Oratio catechetica magna, an argument for the incarnation as the best possible form of redemption, intended to convince educated pagans and Jews. As such, it is of no use to anyone outside of that country, unless you can convince your CDMA operator to activate it (most will refuse). Don't beat yourself up about it, and don't try to convince someone who isn't comfortable with children. Wish you will love sentencedict.com and make progress everyday! You must not only be convinced your idea will work, but must provide solid market research presenting a strong case to convince the angels why it will succeed. (rarely) " The menu heavily features vegetarian dishes. To convince trade unionists like Hernando or retiring students activists like me, youâll have to do better than that. However, if zany choices define you, don't let anyone convince you to dress like a nun. The company’s new online payment system is a huge convenience for customers with mobility issues. Sure not even electric shocks would convince those birds to get it right. There had been no hesitation, no second guessing when Rhyn snapped Jade's neck. Jung's followers Despite the popular appeal of Jung's seductive elaborations about myths, generally they have failed to convince academic mythologists. "Which is why you.re doing your damndest to convince us both you.re leaving me," he said and crossed his arms. I just wish I could convince him to talk to her. he asked. It was enough to convince the Raiders to go after him. She took a deep breath - as much to convince herself it was still possible as for need of air. 1 Indeed, the study of this memoir, limited though it be in scope, could not fail to convince any one that it proceeded from the mind of one who taught with the authority derived directly from original knowledge, and not from association with the scribes - a conviction that has become strengthened as, in a series of successive memoirs, the stores of more than twenty years' silent observation and unremitting research were unfolded, and, more than that, the hidden forces of the science of morphology were gradually brought to bear upon almost each subject that came under discussion. See more. The first part gives the reader enough information about portfolio building to convince even the most skeptical about its benefits and simplicity of construction. It seems that, in their desire to convince the interviewer that they should be hired, they just ramble on. Its purpose is to convince the employer that reviewing your resume is a good use of his or her time. They point to the short lived reality show Homeland Security, the take-off on Cops that deals with terrorism rather than street crime, as a tool to convince voters that the government is effectively protecting the country. If that doesn't convince you, listen to some of these recipes; southwestern potato skins, blackberry iced tea with cinnamon and ginger, cookies and cream milkshake, barbecue chicken pizza, and many more. It's important to have a well-written resume that reflects your strengths because your resume is the tool used to convince that employer that you deserve an interview. An example of convince is an attorney presenting evidence to get jurors to believe his client is innocent. In my previous review I hinted at his sexual preference, which still does well here to convince me of the fact. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. If the computer can convince the interrogator it is human, Turing argued it can be said to be intelligent. Youre the only one who can convince. Any IRA statement pledging to renounce violence was insufficient in itself to convince unionist parties to share power with Sinn Fein, he said. "I have often squared with you, Gardiner," he said familiarly, "but I love you never the worse, as the bishopric I give will convince you.". [ + to infinitive ] I … She couldn't run, couldn't move and she tried hard to convince herself to pass out as the garage door was wrenched open. However, saboteurs at the scene had spent an hour trying to convince officers that they should carry out an arrest. 43. How might you convince a potential customer that you are a reputable vendor? An old rainmaker comes through town, but he is through with that trade, can Pete convince him to do his stuff? A mail-in rebate is a marketing tactic manufacturers use to convince customers to purchase their product. Her parents object and try to convince her to return to Stanford, but despite the impulse of her decision, Felicity decides to stay where she is to find herself. "Are you going to try to convince me again that you don't care for me?" "You want me to convince you to stay or go?" You cannot convince him to … Or was she trying to convince him that his wife was going to walk out on him? The support of Sagasta did not last long, and he managed with skill to elbow the Dynastic Left out of office, and to convince all dissentients and free lances that there was neither room nor prospect for third parties in the state between the two great coalitions of Liberals and Conservatives under Sagasta and Canovas. He managed to convince the jury of his This is perhaps the only way to convince hardened skeptics that ghosts really exist. Do not convince yourself or any other that I am here as her - -or Tiyan's - -guardian! … Meg cannot convince Bea not to take reprisals for the attack on her. If the CNET article above can't convince you that Everquest and other online games have the ability to become far too addictive, than nothing will. she demanded. Protesters tried to convince the congressman to vote against the bill through loud protests and moving letters. Here, after literally stealing and marrying the Queen, the King must convince the court and its subjects that he deserves his title. convince in a sentence - Use "convince" in a sentence 1. Best I pluck one from their pack and nicely convince that person to share their secret with Daddy! What will help convince a buyer that. It means that I have talked to someone, I have said that I am really sure that this person can do a good job. Error Free Writing: If you want to convince a buyer or a potential partner or investor to do business with you, it's essential you come across as someone who is professional and competent in all of your communications. your tax money) given to the banks to convince them to help you. Page 3. They must first convince a Swiss judge that you have committed a serious crime punishable by the Swiss Penal Code. In the beginning I had to convince my parents to support my choice of a career in fashion. 1226), author of a philosophical treatise in Arabic and of a commentary on the Song of Solomon, found so much difficulty in the new views that the Moreh Nebhukhim was written in order to convince him. Using Convince in a Sentence. Several reviewers have claimed the book uses faulty logic and propaganda to convince readers of a "war" that doesn't actually exist. . Franco said last weekend, his words not all that convincing. With the millions of members on MySpace, how will you convince them to add your music to their page? "Maybe you can convince him not to fight, and then convince him he's made a poor choice of a mate," she said. Right you convince get the better cottage industry from a tepid endorsement. Examples of Convince in a sentence. For example, Scientists had to work hard to convince the public that some pesticides were causing health problems in humans. Examples of convince in a sentence: 1. How can I convince you ? Hopefully these statics will convince everyone that it simply isn't worth the risk to drink and drive, especially during the holidays when people are more likely to imbibe. Bacon's Logic, then, like Galilei's, intended as a contribution to scientific method, a systematization of discovery by which, given the fact of knowledge, new items of knowledge may be acquired, failed to convince contemporaries and successors alike of its efficiency as an instrument. Your title insurer dollar exposure in convince congress to. Even though his drinking was a problem, no one could convince the alcoholic to get help. How to convince someone that your idea was their idea. Who'd want to convince us he's alive if he ain't? 2. If you'd spend as much time chasing after the truth as you do trying to convince your gut instincts they're wrong maybe we'd get somewhere. Companies use marking to convince you that the best ways for managing stress happen to be some of the unhealthiest of ways. England 's " Nazareth " will not convince all skeptics. You may even be able to convince the salesperson to let you put the record on in the shop for a listen. Over and over, Kris had tried to convince himself he'd do the same for his half-brother. (successfully, effectively) " He always convinces his friend to do the wrong thing. When going to sporting events, a pink hoodie might be the only way to convince a sports lover to show her spirit with the rest of the family. CK 1 2313714 I decided to stop trying to convince Tom to do anything. Sentence pairs containing convince translated in English and Spanish. If issues of morality and fairness don't convince you, perhaps the threat of being kicked out of college will.

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